Our Auto Services

Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement Auto Glass replacements are the main service that we provide. No matter the year, make, model, or condition of the damaged auto glass that needs to be replaced, rest assured knowing we’ll be able to find a piece of auto glass in a short amount of time that will fit your vehicle and last for years to come. 

Auto Glass Replacement Steps: 

PRE-INSTALLATION: The technician will inspect the vehicle and verify all glass parts are correct. 

INSTALLATION: The technician will remove the old glass with the proper tools. The technician will apply the proper primer and adhesives before installing a new glass. 

POST-INSTALLATION: The technician will proceed to reinstall all windshield attachments and clean the work area. The technician will provide the customer with post-installation instructions.

Commercial / Fleet Services

We have ample experience working on commercial/fleet vehicles’ glass. We have access to specialized vehicle glass at industry-low prices. Reach us today if you need the glass replaced on your commercial/fleet truck(s). 

ABS Auto Glass provides fleet maintenance programs for windshield and auto glass replacement for businesses in Mercer, Burlington, Ocean, Camden, New Jersey and South Eastern Bucks county, PA. We aim to get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible with our trained and certified technicians, free mobile service (Same day or next day Service), and lifetime warranty. We service Semi-Trucks, Coach and School Buses, and Construction Equipment.

ADAS Calibration

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) ADAS calibration refers to the process of tuning and configuring the sensors and cameras that are part of a vehicle's modern driver assistance technology after a windshield replacement. The process could take an additional 1-2 hours after replacing a windshield on a vehicle. 

The process involves the following: 

1.The technician will replace the old windshield per service order. 

2. A trained technicians with special tools will calibrate camera features in a safe place. Depending on your vehicle, calibrations can be static, dynamic, or both. 

3. Static calibration means making sure the camera on your windshield is in the right position and works well. A set of different measurements and targets are place in front of the vehicle to adjust the camera’s view to the correct position. 

4. A dynamic calibration is done with a computer tablet that adjusts the camera features while driving the car to make sure they work properly.

Windshield Chip Repair
(Coming soon)

Chips in a windshield can be both frustrating and distracting on the road, and if it obstructs the driver’s view, can prevent your vehicle from passing state inspection. Our windshield chip repair service targets chips and scrapes in windshield glass (smaller than the size of a quarter) using a UV resin material. This process restores visibility, appearance and strength in the windshield without the need for a replacement.