Your Windshield is Cracked — Take These Steps

Time isn’t always on your side, especially when you’re late for work. Rather than taking the back-roads and getting interrupted by seemingly endless stoplights, you decide to hit the highway to rev up your engine. As you merge into the lane and get caught behind a gravel truck — whack! A bit startled, you flinch as small stones disperse across your windshield and give off the sound of sand. After navigating around the large four-wheeler, you notice something that you were confident was not there before — a crack.

One of the most frustrating parts about getting a crack in your windshield is the fact that they often occur as a result of factors that are entirely out of your control. We can’t forget how inconvenient these issues can be, especially when you’re on the highway on your way to work — so what should you do?

View the infographic below to learn what steps to take after experiencing windshield damage and then continue reading below as we discuss each step:

Safely pull over away from traffic

If you notice a large or small crack in your windshield, you should pull over carefully. Depending on the severity of the crack, it’s quite possible for the damage to obstruct your view, which is a hazardous situation you want to avoid at all costs. Driving with a severe crack could also increase the risk of your windshield collapsing in while the vehicle is in motion.

Assess the damage to your windshield

Now that you’ve safely made it to the shoulder of the road, clear from oncoming traffic, it’s time to assess the damage to your windshield. Determine the size of the crack and how deep it is. Most people will continue driving if the crack or chip is small enough; however, prolonging the issue will likely allow the crack to grow wider and deeper.

Contact your insurance company

Next, contact your insurance company to find out if windshield repairs are covered by your auto insurance policy. If the damage is minor and requires a quick fix, the insurance billing specialists at Auto Glass Fitters can help you determine your coverage, so there are never any surprises.

Get mobile windshield repair

Having to drop what you’re doing and take your car to an auto glass shop is no more inconveniencing than the damage to begin with. Whether you’re on your way to work, on your way home, or simply running an errand, there is a quick and easy solution to this headache of a problem. If you need mobile windshield repair in Virginia Beach, VA, we will dispatch a certified windshield technician to your location of choice.

Get mobile windshield repair services in Virginia Beach, VA, or stop into one of our service centers so that a professional technician can remedy the issue. Please call 1-877-256-2054 for immediate assistance. 

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