What to Do When Your Windshield Breaks or Cracks

Simply put, get it fixed as soon as possible!

Sure, you’re already aware that when your windshield cracks or breaks, you’re putting yourself in danger. You know how important a windshield is when it comes to helping you see the road properly; you know it protects you from bugs, foreign objects and the elements. But nevertheless, many people ignore their windshields when they crack or break, knowing full-well what the inevitable consequences can be.

Understandably, a cracked windshield is a true hassle, and when it happens to you it’s easy to say, “Oh well, I’ll get that fixed later.” The problem for many of us is, “later” often comes far too late, if at all.

We’re not here to lecture you. At ABS Auto Glass, we simply want all drivers to say as safe as possible when they operate their vehicles, so they can protect themselves, other riders in their cars and surrounding drivers in other vehicles.

Not only is driving a vehicle with a faulty windshield unsafe, it’s also illegal. With that said, follow these steps the moment your windshield cracks or breaks while you’re driving to avoid harm and legal jeopardy:

  1. Slow down: Stay alert of your immediate surroundings. Check for potential hazards, and take a quick yet comprehensive visual assessment of your environment.
  2. Prepare to pull over: If you assess that it will be safe to do so, prepare to pull over onto the shoulder or breakdown lane—preferably on the righthand side of the road. First thing’s first, turn on your hazard lights to let other cars know that you are in an emergency situation and will need to act accordingly. Double check your surroundings again to make sure that no cars are in the way, or negligent of the fact that you need to pull over.
  3. Pull over: Once the coast is clear, pull the car over to an appropriate nearby location. Try to get completely out of the way of moving traffic, and if possible put out reflective highway warning signs.
  4. Inspect the damage: Once you’re pulled over, inspect the damage to the windshield.
  5. Decide upon next steps: If you’re near your home and the damage doesn’t obstruct your view, safely navigate there. If the damage is more severe, call a tow truck.
  6. Call an auto glass specialist: Once your car is home, we’ll gladly come to you and make a replacement as quickly as possible.

From all of us at ABS Auto Glass, we wish you safe travels!

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