The Most Common Causes of Windshield Cracks

There are many different reasons for windshields developing cracks or chips. From the debris on the road to unfavorable weather conditions, it can be helpful for drivers to be mindful of all conditions and adjust accordingly so as to avoid costly damage. As the most trusted provider of auto glass repair in Princeton, NJ, and the surrounding area, we’ve listed some of the more common causes of windshield cracks below.

Changes in Pressure

When pressure fluctuates, stress cracks can occur. Traveling at high speeds or through heavy winds, as well as objects pushing against the windshield, are two conditions that can cause this type of damage. Although rare, a nearby explosion could cause a crack to appear in a windshield due to a change in pressure.


If you live in a neighborhood with teens and young children who play ball or run around outside, a frisbee or ball could come hurtling towards your vehicle and damage the windshield or the body of your car. Additionally, storms can cause tree limbs to crack, break and fall on a car. We recommend parking the car in your garage as often as possible as a precautionary measure.

Changes in Temperature

Extreme changes in temperatures or sudden fluctuations between hot and cold can apply stress to glass, resulting in cracked windshields. Be sure to monitor the temperature in your area and prepare your car accordingly. For instance, parking out of direct sunlight, or slowly heating the car’s defroster are great ways to help control temperature levels and avoid damaging the vehicle.

Hail Storms

Hail can cause cracks and chips in your front and rear windshields by pounding glass at high speeds and with incredible force. We recommend driving slowly or pulling off the road entirely if a hailstorm starts, as this will help to lessen or prevent damage.

Poor Quality Glass

If your windshield was manufactured using inferior quality glass, even the slightest accident or change in conditions could cause it to crack. In these instances, we recommend getting the glass replaced with a higher quality material, and hiring an experienced professional to do the job will ensure it gets done right.

Gravel Roads

When driving along gravel roads, debris and gravel can fly up from the vehicle in front of you and hit your windshield. Try to keep a safe distance if you are driving behind another vehicle on a gravel road, or avoid using unpaved roads to help maintain the structural integrity of your windshield.

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