At ABS Auto Glass, we understand that residents of Bucks County, PA, Mercer County, NJ, and Burlington County, NJ have a lot on their plate. With a busy schedule and pressing matters, we have come to appreciate the importance of having your car back up to speed as soon as possible. That is why our customers in Trenton, NJ and Philadelphia, PA can take advantage of our same-day auto glass repair and replacement services.

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By choosing an expert auto glass repair business, you will be able to choose from many of our different services like auto glass repair and emergency windshield repair in Bucks County, PA. We handle any type of vehicle from cars to classics and from commercial vans to trucks. Whatever pulls up to our shop will get a fresh sheen of glass for their windows, windshield, or rear window. We also have a mobile fleet, able to deliver on-site assistance for any out of commission windshields. Your safety is important to us, and as a family run business, we care about you.

We will do the type of job you would expect a family member to do for you, completing every single repair on time, fast and efficiently. Your windshield will be better than new with ABS Auto Glass taking care of the job for you. We guarantee that your repair work is the best you can find in Montgomery County, PA, and its surrounding areas.

Same Day Windshield Replacement in Bucks County

A damaged windshield can be a serious safety risk, endangering you as well as others on the road. Depending on the type of damage, windshields should be replaced as soon as possible, but not at risk to you or your safety. If your vehicle is not optimal to drive, it is best for you to rely on our mobile auto glass replacement, where we come to you! We are at your beck and call, willing to serve you in areas around Montgomery County, PA, Bucks County, PA, Mercer County, NJ, and Burlington County, NJ. With our same day windshield replacement service, we will be able to fix any issues you have with your vehicle’s glass and get those wheels back on the road.


same day windshield replacement trenton nj

Many people are unaware the glass that makes up your windshield is actually very different from the glass used for the windows in your home. Windshield glass is actually made out of laminated safety glass, which consists of two layers. These layers are held together by an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral in order to prevent the glass from becoming loose or falling inward if it shatters. That is why this clever design also has very unique types of damage.

What are the most common types of windshield damage?

Bull’s Eye Chip: This is usually from a rock that is flung up on the freeway and resembles a bull’s eye with a separated cone in the outer layer of glass. With a small portion of the glass missing from the center, it appears as a dark circle around a deeper impact point from the inside of the vehicle.

Star Break: Identified by the legs that emanate from the impact point, this type of damage can appear like an X or as several cracks that extend outwards.

Half Moon: Similar to the bull’s eye chip, this is caused by small objects making impact at glancing angles on the windshield. This will not have a complete circle around the impact point.

Cracks: Cracks speak for themselves and can happen on the inside or the outside of the windshield. Cracks can be caused by temperature changes and don’t always have a point of impact. Colder weather can result in cracks growing as well as star breaks.

Combination Break: Any of the above types of damage can occur in conjunction with another, wherein none of them are mutually exclusive.

What causes windshield damage?

  • Gravel roads
  • Construction vehicles or trucks without mudflaps
  • Accidents
  • Temperature/Pressure changes
  • Hail

Our car and commercial auto glass repair in Bucks County, PA, will do the job for your injured windshield. If you need repairs or replacement, we can help you on the same day it happened. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us for help! You can stop by one of our convenient locations in Trenton, NJ, or Bensalem, PA, or one of our certified glass technicians can come to you with our mobile service. Your glass will be back to being untouched with the help of our professionals at ABS Auto Glass.