How Bullet-Resistant Glass Protects Your Armored Truck

No matter what protection your armored truck provides, ensuring the safety of its belongings is crucial. Armored trucks are used for a multitude of reasons, whether it be to protect currency, valuable jewelry, sensitive documents, or a high-profile individual. Not only is the exterior build of an armored truck essential, but its windshield and windows are just as important. At ABS Auto Glass we provide top-rated services for windshield replacement in Burlington County NJ, supplying armored trucks with top-quality bullet-resistant glass and allowing it to preserve the means for maximum security.

To protect its valuables, an armored truck must maintain characteristics that set them apart from standard vehicles — discretion, safety, and security. Having the appropriate windshield installed could be a matter of life and death. Learn how bullet-resistant glass can protect armored trucks:

How Bullet-Resistant Glass is Made

Being that nothing is completely protected from bullets, bullet-resistant glass, also known as bulletproof glass, is good for just that — resisting bullets.

The process required to make bullet-resistant glass is called lamination. This process requires the use of an autoclave — a heated container that uses high-pressure and temperatures to produce specific chemical reactions. The autoclave heats together layered glass with plastic films, producing bullet-resistant glass. A single piece of bullet-resistant glass can range from 15 millimeters to 80 millimeters or more in thickness; however, some armored vehicles have been known to use bullet-resistant glass ranging from four to five inches in thickness.

The different levels of protection of the glass can vary depending on its thickness. You can be sure that the thicker the glass, the more resistant it is to larger caliber bullets. For example, ordinary glass instantly shatters upon penetration; however, that isn’t nearly the case for bullet-resistant glass. When a bullet hits the outer layers of the glass, the plastic film layers allow it to flex instead of shattering. The energy of the bullet spreads throughout the surrounding area, preventing the bullet from completely penetrating through the glass.

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