Be Aware of Motorcyclists This Spring

For most drivers, the warm temperatures of spring means driving with the windows down, feeling the warm wind in their hair and finally retiring the ice scrapers. Unfortunately, for traffic safety experts, spring means something much less fun: an increased number of accidents involving motorcycles.


According to research from the National Safety Council, the period of April through September is responsible for a whopping 73% of collisions involving motorcycles. These types of collisions can seriously damage your vehicle, leading you to require bodywork or mobile auto glass replacement in Mercer County, NJ. In the most severe accidents, the motorcyclist’s life can even be put at risk.


Why is spring so synonymous with motorcycle accidents? One of the most obvious reasons is that the warm weather lends itself well to being out on the road on a motorcycle, and there are simply more riders on the road. With more vehicles on the road, there is a higher probability of running into a driver who is operating their motorcycle unsafely.


According to analysis from the National Safety Council, the most common causes of motorcycle-involving collisions involve the cyclist weaving in and out of traffic, operating their vehicle while intoxicated and driving above the posted speed limit. This doesn’t mean that motorcyclists are always at fault.


However, motorcyclists are at an inherent disadvantage because cars, trucks and vans afford the driver much more protection than the motorcyclist. This means that the automobile drivers need to stay aware and drive defensively both during spring and throughout the rest of the year.


So, what should you do if you are involved in a collision with a motorcycle? The first thing you should do is get to safety. Move your vehicle off the road and call for medical attention. After you have received proper treatment and everyone is safely out of harm’s way, focus on your vehicle and assess the damage to the body and glass.


Remember that, if your windshield is cracked, do not risk your health and safety by continuing to drive. Call our team at ABS Auto Glass for mobile auto glass replacement in Bucks County, PA and avoiding driving your car until damage has been corrected.

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