3 Tips That Can Help Avoid Cracking Your Windshield

As the temperatures continue to drop, the arrival of winter is just a month or two away. Anyone who has lived along the Northeast Coast knows how grueling and unforgiving the winter conditions can be on our cars. Between cracked windshields, and many other unfortunate events, drivers need a company that can trust for same day auto glass repair in Bucks County, PA. We here at ABS Auto Glass are proud to offer same day service for drivers in need throughout The Greater Philadelphia area as well as South Jersey.

Before you hit the road this winter, it is important to keep these tips in mind to lower the chance of a cracked windshield.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

One of the easiest ways to avoid a crack of a windshield is simply to be cautious of the surroundings on the road. Noticing an 18-wheeler in front of you in a different lane before a small rock or pebble can kick up into your windshield can mean the difference between a safe commute and significant damage to your car. Taking notice of small things like this is crucial when driving all year round, but the bad weather conditions make this that much more important.

Find A Better Route

Sticking to roads and areas with less car traffic is sure to lower your chances. As long as the new route to work or school doesn’t slow you down drastically, taking the road less traveled is safer for you and your car. The majority of the cracks we see are a result of driving on crowded highways or interstates.

Avoid Bad Roads

If a road by your house or on your commute is primarily made up of gravel, covered in dirt, or filled with potholes, we strongly advise you to avoid at all costs. Following a car that is traveling over gravel or other small debris can leave you with small cracks across your windshield. Just because they start small doesn’t mean they stay that way — those tiny cracks can be highly problematic if they are not treated properly, and promptly.

In the unfortunate case that you do find yourself in need of same day auto glass repair in Mercer County, NJ, give us a call anytime. We’re more than happy to send a technician out to you to get you on your with your day as quickly as possible.

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